Who We Are

We’ve been in Business for over 100 years!

Brief History

New Jersey Meter Co. was founded in Plainfield, NJ in the mid 20s. Survived during the Great Depression and World War II, then New Jersey Meter moved to Clark, NJ in the late 50s and in 1976, to the present location in the Paterson, NJ area.

Great Products

Oil Water Separator products by New Jersey Meter Company are of the highest quality.

We are proud to say that we have been prominent in the compressed air industries for over 90 years. Our products are absolutely reliable. Our condensate drain is unique in its features–no electrical involvements and no air loss. It is specially designed for compressor receiver or tank and any low point in the piping system. Our oil water separator products and air oil separator products are regarded as the finest available.

People at New Jersey Meter Co.

We have skilled technicians and sales people who are dedicated to make our company, with many various oil water separator products, take off in the new Century while carrying on the great traditions and pride we have in this company. New Jersey Meter Company will be here for many years to come as we employ the right people in all areas of our business to assist our customers with pride and professional courtesy.


Our experts are providing fast factory service and free assistance that are always available to all our customers. We’re dedicated to the servicing of our products quickly and professionally. Whether our customers need oil water separator products, automatic compressor products or have condensate drain or zero air loss concerns we are always here.