Dri Air

Dri Air – Automatic Compressed Air Separator

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New Jersey Meter’s Dri Air heavy duty separators speed production and save you money. Condensed water, oil, dirt and rust are automatically collected and ejected from the air. As a result, wear is reduced and the life of pneumatic tools and equipment is prolonged.Dri Air

These completely automatic separators require no accessories. The Dri Air may be installed wherever space permits. It can rest on the floor, or be suspended from the piping without other support. Available to fit pipe sizes of ¾”, 1″ and 2″ in Standard Dri Air for pressures up to 150 p.s.i. and High Pressure Dri Air for pressures up to 300 p.s.i.

For Pressure Up to
150 pounds per Square Inch

Pipe Size Symbol Capacity C.F.M. Shipping Weight
3/4″ DA 50 50 14
1″ DA 100 100 14
2″ DA 300 300 14

For Pressure Up to
300 Pounds per Square Inch

Pipe Size Symbol Capacity C.F.M. Shipping Weight
3/4″ HPDA 50 50 14
1″ HPDA 100 100 14
2″ HPDA 300 300 14

As cold, wet air enters the separator, the ring baffle deflects the heavy slugs of water, oil and dirt carried in the air line. The main current of air continues on through to the perforated baffle. This liquid flows out of the air stream into the collecting area at the bottom of the separator.

The main stream of air is then deflected around the outside of the solid center baffle. The “whip-snap” action caused by the deflection throws off any remaining drops of liquid. Finally, the projection of the long threaded outlet nipple ;into the body acts as a baffle. It prevents any drops of water on the inner wall from reentering the air. More than 99% of all liquid is separated from the compressed air as it passes through the Dri Air. Baffle

A unique valve arrangement releases the water from the Dri Air as fast as it collects. Yet leakage of air is prevented because the valve is located well below the water line. This valve is opened and closed by a simple bell-crank lever supported by a Stainless Steel float. As the collected water rises, the valve opens and in turn closes when the water is drained.

In general, the Dri Air should be installed as far as practical from the compressor where the air is as cold as possible. Any vapor in the air is then condensed into liquid form. If the air retains the heat of the compressor and the water is in the form of vapor, separators will not operate effectively.

You’ll find the Dri Air gives you dependable service.  Internal parts are made of brass and float is made of stainless steel, for maximum resistance to corrosion. It is easy to install and maintain. In fact, the valve and float mechanism is assembled on the cover plate and easily removed as a unit without disturbing the pipe connections.

Warranty of One Year from the Sales Date
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