Condensate Drain

Condensate Drain – For Compressed
Air Systems / Industrial Steam Systems

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Condensate Drain Trap

Our Condensate Drain gives you fully automatic and completely dependable condensate removal from compressed air systems and industrial steam systems.
Condensate Drain Trap

Extremely rugged construction assures you of long lasting, trouble-free operation, and the simplicity of design reduces maintenance costs to a minimum.

The body and cover plate is readily removed and provides a large opening for clean-out of rust and scale. The float and valve assembly is fabricated from heavy-duty stainless steel and brass. It is the same assembly that has given years of service in heavy-duty New Jersey Dri Air Separators.

Our New Jersey Meter Condensate Traps give you a fully automatic and completely dependable condensate removal from compressor tanks (receivers); air systems; and industrial steam systems. Our condensate trap is extremely rugged and assures you a long lasting life.

The condensate drain body (by NJ Meter) is made of cast aluminum, while the valve assembly is made of brass and the float is made of stainless steel. It also has a great advantage over other types, no electricity is needed and it only opens in the presence of condensation without any air loss.

Our condensate traps can be used for pressure up to 300 psi.

The New Jersey Meter Condensate Drain Trap gives you advantages no other condensate drain can offer. Its positive float and valve action overcomes the service problems of diaphragm operated traps. Water is ejected as fast as it collects…yet any leakage of air or steam is prevented because the valve is located well below the water line. And because its action is completely independent of pressure, it can be used both under fluctuating pressures and constant pressure lines.

Condensate Drain


The New Jersey Meter Condensate Drain requires but a single connection to after-coolers, receivers, surge tanks or down legs. Installed at collection points anywhere in your pneumatic system, these heavy-duty drains can be depended upon to discharge the condensate automatically and to eliminate the need for periodic or constant blow-downs so costly in time and compressed air losses.

No compressed air system is complete without automatic water ejection throughout the system. The most effective means of controlling moisture in the system is to install a New Jersey Dri Air Compressed Air Separator as far as possible from the compressor with New Jersey Condensate Drains installed wherever moisture collects in the lines.



The New Jersey Meter Condensate Drain is recommended for use in a variety of heavy-duty industrial applications. It provides fully automatic and completely dependable condensate removal from any collection point including steam coils, process kettles, expansion joints and down legs. Condensed water is bled off as fast as it is formed!

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